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                           About TreeBiz LLC

    TreeBiz listens
           What does this project need? What is the budget? What is the time frame? How do you define sustainable? When can you say, "Project complete"?

    Continuing education
    Important not just to maintain our certifications or to keep our edge but as our experience grows so does the awareness of how much there is left to know. And as we
    learn, so does our enjoyment of what we do.
    Clients are people - not accounts. That's who brings us exciting opportunities, fascinating problems to solve and new relationships. They show us a new point of view to a
    familiar problem and keep us rooted in reality.
    The Owner
    Steve Nicholson graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.S degree in Forestry and a focus on urban forestry. His first tree inventory work began in
    1993 working with a team of students performing a street tree inventory for the City of Saint Louis, Missouri. Tree inventories of all kinds remain a core service. Since that
    first inventory Steve has provided solutions and services that touch virtually all aspects of urban and community forestry with management plans, tree preservation, hazard
    assessments, planting, landscape design and much more. He served as Vice-President of the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee (MnSTAC).  

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Independent, Ethical,
TreeBiz Manta Profile
Based out of the Minneapolis - Saint
Paul area in Minnesota, TreeBiz is
ready to travel to your community,
project or property. All clients,
regardless of location or size of the
town or project, deserve the same level
of professional attention and quality
solutions as our largest or most
frequents customers. That is our belief.
TreeBiz was formed in 2010 by Stephen (Steve) Nicholson to provide quality urban & community forest
management services to a broad range of clients on a regional scale. The need for an affordable, quick acting,
ethical and experienced company that can solve problems strategically and efficiently deliver results that have
impact was clear.  TreeBiz is the answer to that need.

TreeBiz represents more than 20 years of experience in urban and community forestry management providing
natural resource solutions and GPS/GIS mapping services to landowners, businesses, associations, communities
and government agencies. That experience includes working with teams of professionals such as engineers,
surveyors, botanists, landscape architects, insurance agents, attorneys, real estate agents.